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Did you get the call that someone you love has been arrested and is sitting in jail? Posting bail can sound overwhelming – but getting your loved one back home where they belong is top priority. when you work with No Hold Bail Bonds in Salisbury NC, we do all the work for you, and fight on your behalf for the release of your friend (learn more about our bondsman in Salisbury NC).

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Salisbury Bail bonds Process



Bail Set

People are arrested at all times of the day or night. An arrest can take place at the scene of an alleged crime once the police arrive, or they can occur after the police have investigated a crime and gathered enough evidence for a judge to issue an arrest warrant. Either way, once someone has been arrested, they will be taken to the nearest jail (or the jail in the jurisdiction where the crime was allegedly committed). Next, the arrested person will be booked into the jail. The booking process usually includes a health examination, background check, information put into the system, a mug shot taken, personal items collected, and any other processes each specific jail completes. Next, a bail amount will be set – either according to the bail schedule, or by a judge. The bail amount depends on the severity of the offense, and the criminal history of the defendant.


Bail is a specific sum of money that is determined by the severity of the offense that was allegedly committed. This amount must be paid by the defendant in order to be released during the entirety of their criminal case (otherwise they will sit in jail the entire time). It acts as a kind of insurance, ensuring that the defendant will return for all court dates (because the entire sum will be returned at the completion of the case, if so).

Cash Bail

Cash bail is exactly what it sounds like - you pay the cash, and your loved one is released. When you pay cash bail, you don't obtain Rowan County bail bonds from an agent - but, you have to pay the entire amount, in full, in cash. It can be difficult to come up with the large amount of money all at once - and you won't get it back for months until the entire case is over, which is often difficult .

Property Bond

Another way to obtain the release of your loved one is to post property as collateral. You'll need to put up the full rights of the property for the property bond. Real estate is the most commonly used property, but others may be used as well. Unfortunately, your property often needs to be assessed, which can take time while your loved one sits in jail and waits to be released.

Surety Bond

The third way to get someone out of jail is to work with a bail bondsman in Salisbury NC. You don't pay the full amount - instead, you pay a small percentage of bail to the agent, who issues a bond (this percentage is the agent's fee, and is non-refundable). When you work with an agent to obtain Salisbury bail bonds, you work with someone who has experience in the jails and courts in the area.

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Every agent with No Hold Bail Bonds in Salisbury NC fights on your behalf, and helps you during the difficult hours after the arrest of a loved one. Work with an experienced, knowledgeable, helpful agent today – call us with any questions you have about the bail process!

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