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When you or a loved one finds themselves facing an arrest we understand that their release is your top priority. However, posting bail can seem like an overwhelming process. Fortunately, at No Hold Bail Bonds in Union County we are standing by to walk you through the entire process from start to finish (learn more about us).

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Union County Bail bonds Process



Bail Set

People are arrested in many different circumstances. Arrests can happen at a place of work, your home, or while out in public. They either take place at the scene of an alleged crime, or after an arrest warrant has been issued following an accusation and investigation to gather evidence. Once a person has been arrested, they will be transported to the nearest jail (or the jail in the jurisdiction where the alleged crime took place), and they will be booked. The booking process includes a background check, health examination, information put into the system, a mug shot taken, and any additional information and process each jail requires. Next, the bail amount will be set. This is determined by a number of factors – usually, a type of crime has a typical bail amount. It is changed depending on the arrested person’s criminal history, as well as the severity of the offense. In some cases, bail will be set by a judge. There are a few ways to post Monroe bail – these include:


Bail is a certain amount of money that the defendant (or a friend or family member of the defendant) must pay in order to be released until the next court date. This money acts as a type of insurance that the defendant will return for all court dates (as bail is returned at the completion of the case).

Cash Bail

The first way to get out of jail is by cash bail. You don't need a Union County bail bondsman to get out of jail using a cash bond. Instead, you simply pay the full bond amount to the court, and your loved one is released. The catch is that you have to pay the amount in full - in cash. You will get the money back at the end of the court case, but these can take months, and it can often be difficult to come up with large amounts of money for that length of time.

Property Bond

The second way to get out of jail is by posting a property bond. Not all states accept this type, but essentially, you put up a piece of property in order to get released. The full rights of the property will be used as collateral. Real estate is the most commonly used, but other types of property can be used as well. Property bonds take a while, as the property must be assessed, making it a tough option if you have someon you love sitting in jail awaiting their release.

Surety Bond

The third way to get out of jail is by posting a surety bond (bail bond in Monroe) by working with an agent. Instead of paying the full bail amount, you pay a small fee (usually 10-15% of the full bail amount) to the agent as a fee (this is non-refundable). The benefit of working with a professional bail agent is that you have the expertise of someone who has years of experience working in the specific jails and courts where your loved one is being held.

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Every agent at No Hold Bail Bonds in Monroe NC works hard to help you during the difficult time immediately after your arrest, or the arrest of someone you love. we are professional, experienced, knowledgeable, and are available to answer any questions you have during the entire Union County bail bonds process.

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